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AJ Pawson, A Katz, YM Sun, J Lopes, N Illing, RP Millar, and JS Davidson
Contrasting internalization kinetics of human and chicken gonadotropin-releasing hormone receptors mediated by C-terminal tail
J Endocrinol 1998 156: R9-R12. [Abstract] [PDF]  

PT Saunders, JS Fisher, RM Sharpe, and MR Millar
Expression of oestrogen receptor beta (ER beta) occurs in multiple cell types, including some germ cells, in the rat testis
J Endocrinol 1998 156: R13-R17. [Abstract] [PDF]  

H Lou and RF Gagel
Alternative RNA processing--its role in regulating expression of calcitonin/calcitonin gene-related peptide
J Endocrinol 1998 156: 401-405. [Abstract] [PDF]  

O Gajanandana, K Irvine, PA Grant, GL Francis, SE Knowles, J Wrin, JC Wallace, and PC Owens
Measurement of an analog of insulin-like growth factor-I in blood plasma using a novel enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay
J Endocrinol 1998 156: 407-414. [Abstract] [PDF]  

M Reincke, F Beuschlein, G Menig, G Hofmockel, W Arlt, R Lehmann, M Karl, and B Allolio
Localization and expression of adrenocorticotropic hormone receptor mRNA in normal and neoplastic human adrenal cortex
J Endocrinol 1998 156: 415-423. [Abstract] [PDF]  

RA Bradbury, KL Sunn, M Crossley, M Bai, EM Brown, L Delbridge, and AD Conigrave
Expression of the parathyroid Ca(2+)-sensing receptor in cytotrophoblasts from human term placenta
J Endocrinol 1998 156: 425-430. [Abstract] [PDF]  

F Miralles, P Philippe, P Czernichow, and R Scharfmann
Expression of nerve growth factor and its high-affinity receptor Trk-A in the rat pancreas during embryonic and fetal life
J Endocrinol 1998 156: 431-439. [Abstract] [PDF]  

JA Calduch-Giner, C Pendon, MM Valdivia, and J Perez-Sanchez
Recombinant somatolactin as a stable and bioactive protein in a cell culture bioassay: development and validation of a sensitive and reproducible radioimmunoassay
J Endocrinol 1998 156: 441-447. [Abstract] [PDF]  

L Chretien, DE Richard, SN Poirier, M Poitras, and G Guillemette
Bovine adrenal glomerulosa cells express such a low level of functional B2 receptors that bradykinin does not significantly increase their aldosterone production
J Endocrinol 1998 156: 449-460. [Abstract] [PDF]  

T Lin, D Wang, and DM Stocco
Interleukin-1 inhibits Leydig cell steroidogenesis without affecting steroidogenic acute regulatory protein messenger ribonucleic acid or protein levels
J Endocrinol 1998 156: 461-467. [Abstract] [PDF]  

L Wagner, E Templ, G Reining, W Base, M Weissel, P Nowotny, K Kaserer, and W Waldhausl
Culture of human insulinoma cells: development of a neuroendocrine tumor cell- and human pancreatic islet cell-specific monoclonal antibody
J Endocrinol 1998 156: 469-476. [Abstract] [PDF]  

S Kapas, A Martinez, F Cuttitta, and JP Hinson
Local production and action of adrenomedullin in the rat adrenal zona glomerulosa
J Endocrinol 1998 156: 477-484. [Abstract] [PDF]  

Q Xiao, X Han, E Arany, D Hill, Challis, JR, and TJ McDonald
Human placenta and fetal membranes contain peptide YY1-36 and peptide YY3-36
J Endocrinol 1998 156: 485-492. [Abstract] [PDF]  

DR Mann, MA Akinbami, KG Gould, K Paul, and K Wallen
Sexual maturation in male rhesus monkeys: importance of neonatal testosterone exposure and social rank
J Endocrinol 1998 156: 493-501. [Abstract] [PDF]  

WJ Murdoch
Perturbation of sheep ovarian surface epithelial cells by ovulation: evidence for roles of progesterone and poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase in the restoration of DNA integrity
J Endocrinol 1998 156: 503-508. [Abstract] [PDF]  

FK Habib, M Ross, CW Bayne, K Grigor, AC Buck, P Bollina, and K Chapman
The localisation and expression of 5 alpha-reductase types I and II mRNAs in human hyperplastic prostate and in prostate primary cultures
J Endocrinol 1998 156: 509-517. [Abstract] [PDF]  

JC Divino Filho, SJ Hazel, P Furst, J Bergstrom, and K Hall
Glutamate concentration in plasma, erythrocyte and muscle in relation to plasma levels of insulin-like growth factor (IGF)-I, IGF binding protein-1 and insulin in patients on haemodialysis
J Endocrinol 1998 156: 519-527. [Abstract] [PDF]  

MD Li and JJ Ford
A comprehensive evolutionary analysis based on nucleotide and amino acid sequences of the alpha- and beta-subunits of glycoprotein hormone gene family
J Endocrinol 1998 156: 529-542. [Abstract] [PDF]  

H Hagiwara, Y Hiruma, A Inoue, A Yamaguchi, and S Hirose
Deceleration by angiotensin II of the differentiation and bone formation of rat calvarial osteoblastic cells
J Endocrinol 1998 156: 543-550. [Abstract] [PDF]  

JF Mutaku, MC Many, I Colin, JF Denef, and MF van den Hove
Antigoitrogenic effect of combined supplementation with dl-alpha-tocopherol, ascorbic acid and beta-carotene and of dl-alpha-tocopherol alone in the rat
J Endocrinol 1998 156: 551-561. [Abstract] [PDF]  

CJ Souza, BK Campbell, and DT Baird
Follicular waves and concentrations of steroids and inhibin A in ovarian venous blood during the luteal phase of the oestrous cycle in ewes with an ovarian autotransplant
J Endocrinol 1998 156: 563-572. [Abstract] [PDF]  

Q Zhang, PO Berggren, A Hansson, and M Tally
Insulin-like growth factor-I-induced DNA synthesis in insulin-secreting cell line RINm5F is associated with phosphorylation of the insulin-like growth factor-I receptor and the insulin receptor substrate-2
J Endocrinol 1998 156: 573-581. [Abstract] [PDF]  

HP Ammon, M Bacher, WF Brandle, A Waheed, M Roenfeldt, ME el-Sayed, AA Ahmed, and MA Wahl
Effect of forty-eight-hour glucose infusion into rats on islet ion fluxes, ATP/ADP ratio and redox ratios of pyridine nucleotides
J Endocrinol 1998 156: 583-590. [Abstract] [PDF]  

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