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M Peaker
Molecular endocrinology: a welcome extension to, but not a replacement for, endocrinology
J Endocrinol 1989 120: 361-362.  

A Krishna, K Beesley, and PF Terranova
Histamine, mast cells and ovarian function
J Endocrinol 1989 120: 363-371. [Abstract]  

DG Armstrong, CO McKay, DJ Morrell, and C Goddard
Insulin-like growth factor-I binding proteins in serum from the domestic fowl
J Endocrinol 1989 120: 373-378. [Abstract]  

CA Arriaza, MA Mena, and AN Tchernitchin
Prenatal androgenization selectively modifies some responses to oestrogen in the prepubertal rat uterus
J Endocrinol 1989 120: 379-384. [Abstract]  

AH Cincotta, JM Wilson, CJ deSouza, and AH Meier
Properly timed injections of cortisol and prolactin produce long-term reductions in obesity, hyperinsulinaemia and insulin resistance in the Syrian hamster (Mesocricetus auratus)
J Endocrinol 1989 120: 385-391. [Abstract]  

P Conliffe and S Mulay
Effects of insulin, glucose and ACTH on corticosterone production by fetal adrenal cells from diabetic rats
J Endocrinol 1989 120: 393-399. [Abstract]  

M Emtner, J Brandt, U Johansson, B Jouper, L Fryklund, and P Roos
A monoclonal antibody to lactogenic receptors from female rat liver
J Endocrinol 1989 120: 401-407. [Abstract]  

N Gallo-Payet and MD Payet
Excitation-secretion coupling: involvement of potassium channels in ACTH-stimulated rat adrenocortical cells
J Endocrinol 1989 120: 409-421. [Abstract]  

A Grandis, V Jorgensen, L Kodack, S Quarfordt, and S Handwerger
High-density lipoproteins (HDL) stimulate placental lactogen secretion in pregnant ewes: further evidence for a role of HDL in placental lactogen secretion during pregnancy
J Endocrinol 1989 120: 423-427. [Abstract]  

SC Hodgkinson, L Moore, Napier, JR, SR Davis, JJ Bass, and PD Gluckman
Characterization of insulin-like growth factor binding proteins in ovine tissue fluids
J Endocrinol 1989 120: 429-438. [Abstract]  

J de Koning, AM Tijssen, and GP van Rees
The self-priming action of LHRH increases the low pituitary LH and FSH response caused by ovarian factors: observations in vitro
J Endocrinol 1989 120: 439-447. [Abstract]  

C Lucas, LN Bald, MC Martin, RB Jaffe, DW Drolet, M Mora-Worms, G Bennett, AB Chen, and PD Johnston
An enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay to study human relaxin in human pregnancy and in pregnant rhesus monkeys
J Endocrinol 1989 120: 449-457. [Abstract]  

IC McMillen and R Nowak
Maternal pinealectomy abolishes the diurnal rhythm in plasma melatonin concentrations in the fetal sheep and pregnant ewe during late gestation
J Endocrinol 1989 120: 459-464. [Abstract]  

D Martel, MN Monier, D Roche, VJ De Feo, and A Psychoyos
Hormonal dependence of the metrial gland: further studies on oestradiol and progesterone receptor levels in the rat
J Endocrinol 1989 120: 465-472. [Abstract]  

S Medbak, DF Mason, and LH Rees
Effects of ethanol and inhibitors of its metabolism on the circulating levels of Met-enkephalin in greyhounds
J Endocrinol 1989 120: 473-480. [Abstract]  

KF Miller, DJ Bolt, VG Pursel, RE Hammer, CA Pinkert, RD Palmiter, and RL Brinster
Expression of human or bovine growth hormone gene with a mouse metallothionein-1 promoter in transgenic swine alters the secretion of porcine growth hormone and insulin-like growth factor-I
J Endocrinol 1989 120: 481-488. [Abstract]  

RJ Reiter, I Sabry, M Nordio, MK Vaughan, and S Migliaccio
Rate of reproductive involution following either exposure to short days or daily administration of melatonin is faster in inbred than in random-bred female Syrian hamsters
J Endocrinol 1989 120: 489-496. [Abstract]  

SM Rhind, S McMillen, WA McKelvey, FF Rodriguez-Herrejon, and AS McNeilly
Effect of the body condition of ewes on the secretion of LH and FSH and the pituitary response to gonadotrophin-releasing hormone
J Endocrinol 1989 120: 497-502. [Abstract]  

N Takasu, T Yamada, Y Shimizu, Y Nagasawa, and I Komiya
Generation of hydrogen peroxide in cultured porcine thyroid cells: synergistic regulation by cytoplasmic free calcium and protein kinase C
J Endocrinol 1989 120: 503-508. [Abstract]  

K Taya and S Sasamoto
Inhibitory effects of corticotrophin-releasing factor and beta-endorphin on LH and FSH secretion in the lactating rat
J Endocrinol 1989 120: 509-515. [Abstract]  

DM de Kretser, RI McLachlan, DM Robertson, and HG Burger
Serum inhibin levels in normal men and men with testicular disorders
J Endocrinol 1989 120: 517-523. [Abstract]  

PJ Coates, I Doniach, JM Holly, and LH Rees
Demonstration of desacetyl alpha-melanocyte-stimulating hormone in fetal and adult human anterior pituitary corticotrophs
J Endocrinol 1989 120: 525-530. [Abstract]  

PJ Coates, I Doniach, C Wells, AC Hale, LH Rees, and GM Besser
Peptides related to alpha-melanocyte-stimulating hormone are commonly produced by human pituitary corticotroph adenomas: no relationship with pars intermedia origin
J Endocrinol 1989 120: 531-536. [Abstract]  

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