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Contents: November 1987, Volume 115, Number 2   [Index by Author]       Other Issues:  
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AI Smith, CA Wallace, RL Moritz, RJ Simpson, LB Schmauk-White, EA Woodcock, and JW Funder
Isolation, amino acid sequence and action of guinea-pig ACTH on aldosterone production by glomerulosa cells
J Endocrinol 1987 115: R5-R8. [Abstract]  

BJ Simpson, CG Tsonis, and FC Wu
Inhibin bioactivity in human testicular extracts
J Endocrinol 1987 115: R9-R12. [Abstract]  

HJ Stewart, SH McCann, PJ Barker, KE Lee, GE Lamming, and AP Flint
Interferon sequence homology and receptor binding activity of ovine trophoblast antiluteolytic protein
J Endocrinol 1987 115: R13-R15. [Abstract]  

S Batra, C Owman, H Rydhstrom, and NO Sjoberg
Modulation by continuous oestrogen treatment and by progesterone of oestrogen receptors in the rabbit uterus
J Endocrinol 1987 115: 199-203. [Abstract]  

E Castellano-Diaz, MI Gonzalez-Quijano, and BN Diaz-Chico
Relationship between unbound oestrogen receptors in the uterus and anterior pituitary gland after implantation of oestradiol-17 beta into rats
J Endocrinol 1987 115: 205-210. [Abstract]  

RG Foster, G Plowman, AR Goldsmith, and BK Follett
Immunohistochemical demonstration of marked changes in the LHRH system of photosensitive and photorefractory European starlings (Sturnus vulgaris)
J Endocrinol 1987 115: 211-220. [Abstract]  

MA Emanuele, J Tentler, L Kirsteins, D Reda, NV Emanuele, and AM Lawrence
Anaesthesia with alphaxalone plus alphadolone acetate decreases serum concentrations of LH in castrated rats
J Endocrinol 1987 115: 221-223. [Abstract]  

JC Escolar, R Hoo-Paris, C Castex, and BC Sutter
Effect of low temperatures on glucose-induced insulin secretion and ionic fluxes in rat pancreatic islets
J Endocrinol 1987 115: 225-231. [Abstract]  

SC Hodgkinson, SR Davis, BD Burleigh, HV Henderson, and PD Gluckman
Metabolic clearance rate of insulin-like growth factor-I in fed and starved sheep
J Endocrinol 1987 115: 233-240. [Abstract]  

C Jean-Faucher, M Berger, C Gallon, M de Turckheim, G Veyssiere, and C Jean
Sex-related differences in renal size in mice: ontogeny and influence of neonatal androgens
J Endocrinol 1987 115: 241-246. [Abstract]  

TR Koiter, GC van der Schaaf-Verdonk, and GA Schuiling
Pituitary responsiveness to LHRH during pregnancy in the rat: effect of progesterone
J Endocrinol 1987 115: 247-254. [Abstract]  

MD Lewis, SM Foord, and MF Scanlon
The role of calcium and calmodulin in mediating release of thyrotrophin-releasing hormone by cultured hypothalamic cells
J Endocrinol 1987 115: 255-262. [Abstract]  

A Lindahl, A Nilsson, and OG Isaksson
Effects of growth hormone and insulin-like growth factor-I on colony formation of rabbit epiphyseal chondrocytes at different stages of maturation
J Endocrinol 1987 115: 263-271. [Abstract]  

AS McNeilly and HM Fraser
Effect of gonadotrophin-releasing hormone agonist-induced suppression of LH and FSH on follicle growth and corpus luteum function in the ewe
J Endocrinol 1987 115: 273-282. [Abstract]  

KF Miller, RA Goldsby, and DJ Bolt
Immunoaffinity chromatography of bovine FSH using monoclonal antibodies
J Endocrinol 1987 115: 283-288. [Abstract]  

T Muraki, T Nakaki, and R Kato
Alpha 1-adrenoceptor production of inositol phosphates mediates the inhibition of thyroxine release from the mouse thyroid
J Endocrinol 1987 115: 289-293. [Abstract]  

BL Nyomba, R Bouillon, and P De Moor
Evidence for an interaction of insulin and sex steroids in the regulation of vitamin D metabolism in the rat
J Endocrinol 1987 115: 295-301. [Abstract]  

LK Ritzhaupt and JM Bahr
A decrease in FSH receptors of granulosa cells during follicular maturation in the domestic hen
J Endocrinol 1987 115: 303-310. [Abstract]  

M Ruiz, M Montiel, E Jimenez, and M Morell
Effect of thyroid hormones on angiotensinogen production in the rat in vivo and in vitro
J Endocrinol 1987 115: 311-315. [Abstract]  

Seckl, JR and SL Lightman
Effect of naloxone on oxytocin and vasopressin release during vaginocervical stimulation in the goat
J Endocrinol 1987 115: 317-322. [Abstract]  

PJ Sharp, IC Dunn, and RT Talbot
Sex differences in the LH responses to chicken LHRH-I and -II in the domestic fowl
J Endocrinol 1987 115: 323-331. [Abstract]  

SC Stansfield, PG Knight, NZ Al-Mauly, and MJ Bryant
Involvement of endogenous opioid peptides in the neuroendocrine response of ewe lambs to the introduction of a ram
J Endocrinol 1987 115: 333-339. [Abstract]  

F Stewart, JA Thomson, SE Leigh, and JM Warwick
Nucleotide (cDNA) sequence encoding the horse gonadotrophin alpha-subunit
J Endocrinol 1987 115: 341-346. [Abstract]  

AJ Summerlee, KT O'Byrne, SA Jones, and L Eltringham
The subfornical organ and relaxin-induced inhibition of reflex milk ejection in lactating rats
J Endocrinol 1987 115: 347-353. [Abstract]  

A Hauksson, M Akerlund, ML Forsling, and H Kindahl
Plasma concentrations of vasopressin and a prostaglandin F2 alpha metabolite in women with primary dysmenorrhoea before and during treatment with a combined oral contraceptive
J Endocrinol 1987 115: 355-361. [Abstract]  


IW Henderson
The expanding endocrine system
J Endocrinol 1987 115: 195-197.  

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